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Erinne Cherisse Ong

Scientist & Writer

connecting (brain) circuits, cancer, and cognition


My current research explores the links between myelin damage and Alzheimer's disease as part of my master's studies at the University of GΓΆttingen International Max Planck Research School for Neurosciences in Germany. More broadly, I am fascinated by the dynamics of cell communication in cancer biology and neuroscience, from signal transduction pathways to the synaptic plasticity mechanisms that underlie memory and cognition. Bridging these two fields, I am particularly interested in investigating the integration of tumors in the brain's circuitry and how the neural-like behaviors of these cancer cells enable their proliferation and therapeutic resistanceβ€”en route to potentially discovering novel ways to disrupt these malignant networks.

Previously, I reported on science and technology advances across Asia for a Singapore-based STEM media company. As a communicator, I strive to deliver powerful and engaging stories that disentangle the complex dynamics of systems, capture the cumulative and experimental nature of science, and shed light on contemporary issues in science and society.

Beyond the lab, I am also actively involved in science outreach efforts, including mentoring aspiring Filipino scientists through GradMAP Philippines and supporting initiatives that promote accessible education and STEM equity. These engagements reflect my overarching vision to foster science literacy in the community.

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